Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Story of Aa

Before telling the story ask the students to look at the A and the a. Are they the same shape? (No) Tell them that since the shapes are different, they must have not gotten along really well in this story.

One day in late summer the Queen woke up from a happy dream about apple pie. She decided to make an apple pie for herself and the king to enjoy at tea time that afternoon.

She went to the royal kitchen and found all the ingredients she would need to bake her apple pie except the most important ingredient of all.

Ask: What do you think the most important thing you put in an apple pie is the most important ingredient? (Apples.)

The Queen knew that you can use any kind of apple in an apple pie, but she preferred green apples in pies more than red apples because green apples are more tart. Green apples taste better when you bake them in a pie.

She asked her husband, the King, to hike out to the royal orchard to pick some apples for her pie. Whisper: She forgot to ask for green apples. But she did tell him to get twelve nice apples. “Get fresh crisp apples,” she reminded him. “Twelve of them.”

The king met many people who wanted to talk with him on his hike up to the orchard on the hillside behind the castle. It took him a long time. When he finally arrived at the orchard he noticed that the best apples were near the top of the tree. He could see that he needed a ladder to reach them. So the poor King had to walk all the way back to the castle to get it. Using his ladder he was able to pick the twelve of the freshes and most crisp apples in the kingdom. He put them in his bag and he walked home happy to have done his work so well. He did not get back to the castle until the middle of the day.

“I’m home,” he called as he came through the door, tired from the hike.

“Did you get twelve nice apples?” asked the Queen.

“Yes, I sure did. I got a dozen apples. Twelve of them, fresh and crisp just as you asked,” replied the King. He opened the bag. “Aren’t they beauties? I had to use a ladder to reach them.” He felt proud of himself.

The Queen looked into the bag of apples. "They're RED!" she exclaimed. "Didn't I tell you to get green?"

"I don't think so," answered the King, but he wasn't sure.

Ask: Did the Queen ask him to get green apples? (No, she forgot to say what color to get.)

It was too late to get green apples, so she baked the red apples into the pie. At tea time they sliced off the right side of the pie and tasted it. It tasted disappointingly bland. No one asked for more.

That night, when the King and the Queen went upstairs to make the letter A for the first sound in the word apple /a/, the king made his like this: A so it looked like the ladder he used to pick them.

The Queen made letter a like this: a. Her a looks round, like a pie that no one would finish.

Did they get along? Do their letters look the same? (No.)

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