Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Story of Bb

Ask: Look at the King and Queen’s Bs. Do you think they’re going to get along? (No.)

Ask: Why do you think that they won't get along? (Because the King’s B and the Queen’s b don’t look the same.)

One bright and sunny day the Queen looked out the window and said, “Here he comes again! And he forgot his hat.”

“Who?” asked the King.

“The boy with the boat and binoculars. He forgot his hat. H's is going to get sunburned,” said the Queen.

“I’ve got a hat I can loan him,” said the King.

“I don't think it would fit him. Grab some sunscreen instead. You can put some on his face and arms and legs when you get to the pond,” said the Queen.

"I don't think he likes sunscreen," said the King, who had gotten to know the boy quite well and enjoyed spending time with him.

"Well, don't let him talk you out of it," said the Queen.

Ask: Do you think the King will put sunscreen on the boy? (No.)

The King felt happy when he saw the boy with his boat. He enjoyed being near the water’s edge whenever he could, and being with the boy made his enjoyment even keener. The water seemed to sparkle with happiness. The royal pond was large, a lake really, almost a mile across, so big that you needed binoculars to see across it to the other side. The King got his hat, his binoculars and joined the boy at the edge of the pond.

“Hi boy,” said the King. “I’ve got some sunscreen for you.”

“I don’t like sunscreen. It makes my skin feel funny,” said the boy.

“Well, are you sure? The sun is awfully bright today.”

“Yes,” said the boy. “Let’s launch my sailboat.”

The boy and the King spent a happy afternoon sailing the boat back and forth across the pond. Three hours passed in what seemed to both of them to be only minutes. Late in the afternoon the Queen came out of the castle and walked down to the pond to find the boy and the King still sailing the model boat. She noticed that the boy’s face, arms, and legs were bright pink.

She walked up to the King and asked, “Did you put sunscreen on the boy?”

“No, I didn’t. He said it made his skin feel funny, and he didn’t want any,” said the King.

“I thought you hadn’t. Look. He’s sunburned. We’re going to have to go in now before it gets any worse.”

Later that evening when it was time to make the letter B, the King made his letter look like a line with two loops, one on top of the other. The Queen made only one loop, the loop on the bottom. She left off the loop on top, just like the boy didn’t have a hat on top.

Ask: Did the King and Queen make letters alike that day? (No.)

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