Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Story of Cc

Ask: Do you think the King and the Queen will get along today? (Yes.)

At breakfast the King looked up from his plate of waffles and he noticed something moving out in the garden. “Is that a gray fox?” he wondered. He put down his knife and fork and picked up his binoculars for a closer look. “No, it’s a stray cat,” he said to himself, “and a friendly-looking one at that.” He called to his wife, the Queen, to come see.

She peered through the binoculars and remarked, “That’s a fine looking cat, but skinny! We’ve been wanting a pet now that our children have grown up and left the castle. Let’s care for him. I’ll get a brush to brush his fur.”

“I’m sure the cat is hungry. I’ll go chop up some meat from spareribs leftovers that we ate last night.” said the King as he walked to the royal pantry. He chopped up a nice bowl of meat and put it out on the back step. “Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Here, kitty kitty, kitty. Breakfast time!” he called.

The cat, who hadn’t eaten any proper food in days came running at the King’s call and, purring, ate the meat that the King had chopped up. When the King pet it, it purred loudly. I’ll bet you’re a good mouser, too,” said the King, who knew that they had need of a good mouser.

Ask: What do you think the King meant when he said, “I’ll be you’re a good mouser?” (He meant that the cat would be able to catch mice.)

The cat followed the King into the parlor where the Queen had found an old brush to groom the cat’s fur. The cat purred even more happily and then curled up in the Queen’s lap. Its purred so much and so loudly it sounded like it had a motor going inside. “I think we should call this cat ‘Motor Mouth’ because it sounds so loud when it purrs.”

“That’s a good name, Queen. We’ll call our new cat ‘Motor Mouth’ or ‘Motor,’ for short.”

The King and the Queen loved their new cat Motor and they decided to make a letter for the first sound in the word, cat. The King made his look like this: C. The Queen made hers look just the same, only smaller, like this: c.

Ask: Did the King and Queen get along that day? (Yes.)

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