Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Story of Dd


“I’ll be back for lunch,” called the King to the Queen as he went out for a walk in the royal forest with his favorite dog, Dasher. He had his camera with him; he liked to go with Dasher because Dasher helped him spot birds to photograph.

It had been raining the night before and the trails through the forest had gotten muddy. Mud clung to the King’s boots and to Dasher’s paws. This did not stop the King and his dog from staying out all morning.

The King took many photos. Towards the middle of the day, just before lunch, he and Dasher walked back to his castle. As they arrived at the back door, the King carefully took off his boots and left them outside so as not to track the mud inside the castle. In stocking feet, the King went to the washroom to clean up for lunch. He forgot to tie up Dasher at the back door and when no one was looking, Dasher ran inside, muddy paws and all, and tracked footprints all over the downstairs rooms.

“What’s for lunch?” asked the King as he pulled his chair up to the table.

“Mopping up’s for lunch, that’s what!” said the Queen

“Mopping up? What are you talking about? I asked you what’s to eat?”

“A Dozen Duck Dumplings.But Dasher tracked mud all over the downstairs. You’ve got to clean it up before you get the lunch I made.”

Ask: Do you hear all the /d/ sounds in what the Queen said? (Repeat her reply.) (Yes.)

“OK, I’ll clean it up.” But the King was rich and lazy, so he told his servants to clean up the mud that his dog tracked in. The Queen ate the whole dozen duck dumplings and didn’t leave any for the King.

He drove to a drive-in diner for lunch.

Ask: Do you think he went to Denny’s or Wendy’s? (Denny’s) Why? (It starts with a D. )

That night they made the letter D. The King made his look like this: D. The Queen like this: d. Ask: Did they get along the day they made D? (No)

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