Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nice Letter

One of the nicest things about having this little Soundabet business (and it's gotten much smaller since I've put it back in the dark ages by not taking credit cards or online orders) are the nice messages I get — both via e-mail and handwritten ink mail — from fellow teachers in the gardens of kinderland.

Here's one that came recently.

Dear Dan,

Received my order this afternoon and promptly looked at the DVD. LOVE the fact that real classroom situations are depicted and not some sterile, never-in-my-classroom scenes!

Thank you so much for including the Game Cards as a gift. You are a kind soul.

With appreciation,
J. K.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Story of Ee

"I'd like some waffles for breakfast this morning," said the king.

"OK, I'll make some for you," offered the Queen.

But on the way to the kitchen the Queen changed her mind and decided instead to cook up a breakfast of scrambled eggs. She got a carton of eggs out of her refrigerator and while carrying them to the counter, she dropped one on the floor. It broke. You can see it there in the picture.

When the King came downstairs, he was thinking to himself, "Mmm. Waffles. I hope she's going to serve them up with real maple syrup from Vermont and some whipped cream." He was so lost in his thoughts he didn't watch where he was stepping and his foot went right in the egg on the floor. He tracked raw egg through the kitchen, and, as he entered, he realized that he didn't smell waffles cooking; he smelled eggs.

"Oh, King! Look what you're doing! There's egg all over the floor now."

"Where's my waffles?"

"No waffles today. I made eggs. Aren't you going to clean up after the mess you've made?"

"Mess I made?" argued the King. "I didn't drop the eggs. You did."

They continued to argue all day long. When the King made his E it looked like this: E

The Queen's looked like this: e

Did they get along that day?