Friday, November 21, 2008

And another...

At this stage of the game, the best thing about my itty bitty Soundabet business is the nice feedback I get from those who've found Soundabet helpful in their teaching practice.

If you have an idea to share with your teaching colleagues, I encourage you to use the internet to make it available to others. It may turn out to be a very small business indeed, but one that brings large feelings of satisfaction of having helped others.

Dear Dan,

In previous years of teaching first grade, I’ve had success with Soundabet. Now I am in a new school, (I had to leave my materials at my previous school), and I find myself noticing a decline in reading confidence with in my kiddos. If you are still selling materials, I would appreciate the opportunity to purchase them.

Thank you,

Amber Shoupe

Bonner MT.

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