Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Testimonial

Dear Mr. Gurney,

I attended your workshop about 6 years ago and LOVED IT!!! I used Soundabet the next day in class and each day since! It's wonderful, hats off to you!!

I am now a stay home mom (love teaching my little 3 year old) and have been searching frantically for my Soundabet board with the letters on it and can't find it. Can I purchase the cards from you? Thanks a million!


Cross Diane

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February 28 Last Day of Half Off Sale

Be sure to send your Soundabet orders off by February 28 (post marked by that date) to take advantage of the February 1/2 off sale.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Hi, folks!

I got another nice email from a past customer, Kate. I asked her if I could use it on the blog and that if she did, I'd offer her a half price deal on whatever she ordered.

I guess it's only fair to do the same for other folks who've used the products and have nice things to say about Soundabet (based on actual use of the materials). So, if that's you, email me and ask for the same half off deal.

dangurney "atsymbol"

And, as to why everyone isn't using Soundabet, I think part of the answer is it's not "research" based. That is to say, I'm not a big publisher who lobbies the Department of Education to make rules that keep teacher-created materials out of classrooms.

Anyway, here's what Kate had to say:

Hi Dan,

I'm interested in buying some or all (depending on cost) of your soundabet products if you are still selling them. I taught Kindergarten about 8 years ago and used Soundabet with my class after taking your seminar. I LOVE the program and would like to use it at home with my 4 year old son who is beginning to become obsessed with letters, letter sounds, and reading. I don't know why everybody doesn't use this program....It's so awesome!

Thanks for your time,
Kate Gillespie