Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Testimonial--July 2009

One of the great things about doing Soundabet is getting e-mails like this one from Mrs. Westover. It's the sort of message that will keep me around doing a small, slow business for people who dig enough to find me and are patient enough not to expect same day rush-rush service. Slow foods is good for us eaters; slow business is good for us shoppers, too.

I asked her if I could post her email here, and she said I could.

It makes me happy to think that some people are getting such wonderful results with Soundabet (19 out of 20 bests the ratio of success in my own classroom!)

Here's her letter, I mean email---

Dear Dan:

Last year, I bought your system and have had remarkable success with my kindergarten class. 19 out of my 20 students knew their letters and sounds by the first trimester. 19 our of my 20 students were able to write several sentences in their journals without any help! I attribute much of my success in my classroom to your program. I was forced to teach the Houghtin Mifflin program, but I added the "Soundabet" as part of my daily routines and it made a big difference. Could you please be kind enough to send me a blank invoice or purchase order so that I may be able to order more of materials? Another teacher used this program also had similar success! Thank you for such a great program, keep up the good work! Please don't close your business! We need you!! :)
Mrs. Westover

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