Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Testimonial

One of the great satisfactions of having created Soundabet is hearing from people who've used it and felt inspired to tell me. Here's one from Michelle Emra:

Hi Mr. Gurney,
We've never met, but I order your soundabet kit and I can't tell you how much fun we had this last year. I was fortunate enough to teach fullday kindy, and I only has 23 students. (that's low for oregon) We use the Treasures curriculum and between district mandates and your ideas, 20 of my students left kindergarten above grade level. 22 were reading and 22 were writing 2 or more sentences. (Actually about 15 were writing several sentences over 3-4 pages.) I had the most successful year; my test scores were through the roof, which got a lot of recognition from our district office and some principals around the district.
It was my 2nd year in kindergartern, my 17th year in education and I loved every minute of it.
So, when I got politically bumped out of kindergarten and will now teach a 1/2 blend, I cried for 2 days. I plan on using a lot of your ideas since they lend themselves so well to the struggling learner, I just hope to be able to head back down to the place where my heart sings.
Have a blessed summer. You helped me so much. thanks!!!!

I hope you get a chance to return to kindergarten, Michelle!

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