Friday, July 9, 2010

Someone Asked Me

The other day someone asked me if I'm still doing Soundabet. Yes, I am. Mostly former customers. I still get email from people who use it and find it helpful. Here's a paragraph from an email I got the just other day from Patti F.

Subject: Soundabet helped my class get high test scores  

Hi, Dan--
I think I’m your biggest fan right now (and I know you have a lot!).  I wanted to tell you that my kindergarten class scored sky high in its reading test scores for our SATs (like STAR) and I attribute a good deal of it to the Soundabet program.  Just got the results in this week and my principal was very happy.  

—Patti F.

So, Yes, I still fill orders from new and old customers who wish to order Soundabet.

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