Friday, October 18, 2013

Display Cards versus Flash Cards

Here is a photo showing the Display Cards and the Flash Cards together as I ship them out.

The cards are on WHITE card stock. The photo makes them look tinted, but they're white.
As I hope this photo makes clear, the Flash Cards (upper right) are 8.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches tall. They come with labels to affix to the back sides (shown upper left) that suggest stories to tell so that you can explain why upper and lowercase letter forms sometimes match and sometimes differ.

The Display Cards (lower left) are smaller. They are intended to be glued to a Display Board.

Display Cards are used to present all 41 Soundabet Sounds together as a whole while singing the Soundabet song (like the ABC song).

Flash Cards are for teaching about sounds one by one in more depth.

More info on Display Cards

More info on Flash Cards


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dan! This makes it all very clear to me. Visual learner!

Susan Arsenault said...

Thank you, Dan, this makes the differences very clear! Visual learner even at age 57!

Anonymous said...

Thank you,Dan, this makes the differnces in the cards much clearer...visual learner even at 56!