Thursday, January 16, 2014

Blendmaster Game

In my kindergarten we have been playing the "Blendmaster" Game.

In Blendmaster, a child is selected randomly to be the "Blendmaster." He or she comes up to the pocket chart and takes out two black cards and one red card and arranges them on the pocket chart in a BLACK—RED—BLACK pattern.

This will form a Consonant-Vowel-Consonant word, either a familiar word that we have heard before or a brand new uncoined word that could be making it world's first appearance.

Having built the word, he or she picks out a classmate (we do this randomly by drawing straws) to sound out the word. If the classmate successfully sounds out the word, they become the new blendmaster. If not, we pick another classmate to sound out the word.

Here is a photograph of the pocket chart as it looked when we finished this morning's session of the Blendmaster Game.


I don't worry about non-standard spellings. Yes, I know how to spell chief. But at this early point in learning to read we can let that lesson wait for later. And yes, the kid who put BEECH up on the board was thinking more about sand and waves than a deciduous tree.

As for the two vowel-consonant-vowel words (Archy and Ella), well, we decided we'd let them get up there because we know and like them.