Saturday, March 15, 2014


From time to time people who've been using Soundabet for some time email me requesting re-orders and take the time to say some nice things about Soundabet. It makes my day when I get those and I like to share them here. Yesterday I got this one:

Hi Dan,
I purchased and used your program at another school, several years ago.  Now I'm at a different school and interested in purchasing another set, since the other one was purchased by my previous school and not me, personally.
I really appreciate your philosophy about kindergartners not being too young to learn some digraphs and diphthongs--too many times random words are thrown into leveled books that contain them.
Love your blog too!  You're dynamite!
Thank You an Happy Teaching!

Best regards,L. C.
Resource Specialist K-2Early Literacy Teacher

Thanks to all who've sent me these!